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Effective Date: Feb 15, 2024

Exploring Our Shipping Journey

At our core, simplicity defines our approach. Dive into the seamless journey of our shipping process:

Streamlined Order Processing

All orders are processed within 1-2 business days.

Transparent Shipping Costs

Transparency is key. Shipping charges for your order are calculated and displayed during checkout for paid shipping. The shipping cost depends on various factors such as order size, product quantity, shipping time, and destination. Each aspect is individually assessed for maximum accuracy.

During peak demand periods and adverse weather conditions, delivery times may slightly extend.

Tracking Your Order’s Progress

You can monitor your order once it’s shipped, with the tracking ID becoming available as soon as it leaves our facility.

To track your order:

Remember, we’re here every step of the way, equally enthusiastic about your order reaching you!

Solving the Puzzle of Undelivered Packages

If your package seems to have disappeared, follow these steps:

If you’re still left scratching your head, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

We Deliver to…

What if you’re not available when your parcel arrives?

Depending on your parcel’s destination and size, it may be left in your mailbox, at your doorstep, or with a helpful neighbor.

More queries or need support with your order?

Feel free to Contact Us or utilize our Live Chat option.

Shipping Duration

Shipping time varies depending on location & shipping method. Here are our estimates:

Express Shipping:

With Express Shipping, all orders arrive within 2-5 Business Days anywhere in the USA & Canada.

Free Shipping:

With Free Shipping, all orders reach you within 10-15 Business Days anywhere in the USA & Canada.
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