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Toddler Crawling Kneepad


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No scratches or rough patches here
Thank our ultra-smart and soft Toddler Crawling Kneepad for that relief. This baby must-have makes crawling and exploration one less worry so that your baby can keep his or her knees smooth and injury-free with these protective pad coverings.
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Over 75% cotton.
100% made for safety
Made from care, breathable and soft cotton is the main component of our kneepads. The cotton is hypoallergenic and features thoughtful design cues such as elastic sleeving, anti-skid grips, and ribbed cuffs for a thoughtful design and fit.
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Easy to wash
Whether by hand or washing machine, our Toddler Crawling Kneepad cleans up easily to remove any dirt, dust, or stains accrued while shielding your baby’s knees.
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Small + stretchy
Each kneepad measures approximately 5 x 2.8 inches (L x W) for a versatile fit. Remember, the material is stretchy while retaining breathable comfort.
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Double as warmers
In cold temperatures, our kneepads also work great to retain body warmth for your little one.
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